Undocumented ways to use Amazon (filter by Prime price, sort by Prime price, exclude Pantry items, get 15% off Subscribe and Save, find all free Kindle books, etc.)

Recently I clicked on a sponsored post that claimed that there is a way to hack Amazon search functionality and force it to do undocumented things. The link pointed to a site called SortByPrime (http://www.sortbyprime.com). I was skeptical at first, but after using the site for a few weeks I must say it is indeed pretty amazing. The site itself is bare bones with no documentation provided, so I thought I would write up some of the things that I learned to do with that tool in order to make the most out of my Prime membership.

First, here are the features that I find myself using the most (I tried to find other tools with similar functionality to verify sbp’s exclusivity claim and couldn’t find any).

Filter search results by Prime price. It is important to note that this is NOT the same as checking the Prime box on the regular Amazon search results page and using the price filters there. When you use Amazon native functionality and, say, specify your desired price range between 0 and 25 dollars and check the Prime box, you will get all items that have the lowest marketplace offer within that range. Prime price in that scenario may be greater than 25, but as long as there is a non-Prime seller with a listing within the range that you specified (not including shipping), the item will be included in search results. When you use the price range filter on sbp, you get ONLY items with a Prime price within that range.

Sort by prime price (I guess that is where the name of the site comes from). Again, this is not the same as just sorting by price on the Amazon page and checking the Prime box. Similar to the explanation above, when you use Amazon’s built-in search you are effectively sorting by lowest offer on each item excluding shipping. All the Prime check box does there is display the Prime price on search results, which is why the sorting always appears broken.Exclude Prime Pantry items. The introduction of Prime Pantry on Amazon always annoyed me. While I understand that the program has a certain value, the inability to exclude Pantry items from search results always drove me nuts and there seemingly no way to filter them out. Sbp was the only tool I found that provides you with the option to exclude Pantry items from search results.

Lastly, this is not really a feature, but more of a side effect of how the tool is designed, I like that I can configure all my settings before opening the Amazon window, therefore saving the multiple postbacks of the entire page to get all the search parameters just right. Now, here are some recipes for cool things you can do on sortbyprime.

Find thousands of free Kindle books: 1. Select “Kindle Store” in the Department dropdown. 2. Enter “-subscription” (note the minus sign in front) to exclude magazine subscriptions. 3. Enter 0.01 in the Price To textbox. 4. Select “All Merchants” in the Merchant dropdown, 5. Hit the Go button and enjoy ~75,000 free Kindle eBooks.

Find all Prime-delivered items that can be yours for less than the price of a postage stamp: 1. Make sure “All Departments” is selected in the Department dropdown. 2. Enter 0.02 in the Prime Price From textbox (to filter out free digital content) and 0.49 in the Prime Price To textbox (or any amount you like, I am entering the current price of a stamp for the sake of making a point). 3. Make sure the Merchant dropdown is set to “Amazon”. 4. In the Add-On Items dropdown select “Exclude”. 5. In the Prime Pantry Items dropdown select “Exclude”. 6. Hit the Go button and enjoy your PVC Pipe Fitting (http://www.amazon.com/GF-Piping-Systems-Reducing-Schedule/dp/B008O1XHF2/) for 10 cents delivered to your house.

Find cheap Subscribe & Save items to get the 15% S&S discount: 1. Make sure “All Departments” is selected in the Department dropdown. 2. Enter 1.50 in the Prime Price To textbox. 3. Make sure the Merchant dropdown is set to “Amazon”. 4. In the Subscribe & Save Items Only dropdown select “Yes”. 5. Hit the Go button and save 15% on your entire S&S delivery when you subscribe to 5 or more items.